Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ujjain Baithak

Ujjain or Avantika as known in the ancient times is one of the 12 sites in India that has a natural Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva. It was home of the great Sanskrit poet Kalidas and the king Vikramaditya after whom the Vikram Samvant calendar system is based. It was also an active research center in mathematics and astronomy as exemplified by the contributions of Varahmihir, Bhaskar and Brahmgupta who spread the usage of Zero and positive and negative numbers to the Aarab.

Ujjain also has a Baithak of Vallabhacharya near the Sandipani Ashram where Lord Krishna had studied. It is a well maintained Baithak with good amenities and the Seva Prakar is quite elaborate. The residential staff (Mukhiya, Mukhiyani, Adhikari, Bhitariya etc) are very cordial and conducive to the devotional aspirations of the visitors. Here are some of the shots I had taken for you to enjoy.

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