Thursday, December 11, 2008

Vitthaleshwar's Stay at Adel

Some time back, I had posted a poll on "How many years did Vitthalnathji (Gusainji) live in Adel?" And the correct answer to that is 47 years. We also know that he had lived for a total of 70 years (1516-1586 AD) which includes around 5 years in Gadha near Jabalpur and the rest in Gokul and Vraj. Surprisingly, almost all the literary references that we normally come across are for his time in Vraj, but rarely about the most significant duration of his life spent in Adel!

Of these 47 years, the first 15 were spent under the watch of Vallabhacharya and we get some references that he used to enjoy sports, swimming etc. In fact we also get the reference that he wasn't very attentive in his studies after the departure of Vallabhacharya. It is a mystery how the remaining 32 years - peak of his life time - were spent in Adel.

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