Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Spirit Molecule

Society, Science and Spirituality - these are the three fundamental building blocks of human existence.

Society : We are social animals. We long to interact with and serve other human beings and enrich our lives.
Science : We have the curiosity to understand the nature and its elements and make best use of it to advance our existence.
Spirituality : We have experienced at some point in time the deep inquisitiveness to understand what is our real form, what is our connection to the reality and what and how are the higher realms of reality?

The goal of our life should be Socio-Sciento-Spiritual advancement.

Recently a movie called The Spirit Molecule was released. It is a documentary with many scientists explaining/conjecturing the role of Di-Methyl-Tryptamine (DMT) drug to facilitate the experience of higher levels of consciousness. It is based on a very exciting but limited research, nonetheless promising one. We are due for a paradigm shift in our understanding of the connection between science and spirituality. We would need many more hypotheses researched in this century and hope some breakthroughs are achieved.

Most of our religions and religious texts are outdated given the scientific contexts in which they were written. Most of the practitioners - preachers and followers - are either semi-literate or follow out of social respect and not with a firm conviction. The scientific context has changed and today we have access to better tools to probe nature and natural phenomena, however we should also remember that humanity is an extremely tiny force compared to the vastness of the spatio-temporal cosmic context in which we exist. Be humble but committed in the pursuit of the Socio-Sciento-Spiritual advancement.