Thursday, May 15, 2008

Google Sightseeing of Baithaks

Have you ever wished to visit a Baithak of Vallabhacharya but couldn't do so because of other engagements? Well, look no further as you can visit them right now. That's right, you can take the virtual tour through the Google Sightseeing on Wikimapia or Google Earth on your computer. Here are the latitude and longitude information of some of the Vallabhacharya's Baithaks :

No. Place Latitude Longitude Link
1 Adel 25°24'6.78"N 81°53'13.80"E Wikimapia
2 Hajipur 25°40'52.37"N 85°12'18.47"E Wikimapia
3 Chitrakut 25°10'20.52"N 80°51'0.90"E Wikimapia
4 Ayodhya 26°48'18.98"N 82°12'27.38"E Wikimapia
5 Naimisharanya * 27°20'36.55"N 80°29'7.63"E Wikimapia
6 Charanat * 25° 8'17.23"N 82°53'23.19"E Wikimapia
7 Kashi Hanuman Ghat 25°17'52.04"N 83° 0'25.00"E Wikimapia
8 Kashi Panchganga Ghat 25°18'55.34"N 83°01'6.30"E Wikimapia
9 Pushkar * 26°29'17.90"N 74°33'27.01"E Wikimapia
10 Badrinath 30°44'41.01"N 79°29'29.79"E Wikimapia
11Vyas Gufa 30°46'26.23"N 79°29'38.28"E Wikimapia
12 Kedarnath * 30°44'0.74"N 79° 4'3.86"E Wikimapia
13 Haridwar 29°57'6.90"N 78°10'0.23"E Wikimapia
14 Kurukshetra 29°59'3.54"N 76°50'8.85"E Wikimapia
15Sukar Kshetra 27°52'57.42"N 78°44'26.90"E Wikimapia
16Champaranya 21° 1'54.58"N 81°55'30.73"E Wikimapia
17Ujjain 23°12'41.74"N 75°46'57.52"E Wikimapia
18Gangasagar 21°39'41.71"N 88° 4'48.22"E Wikimapia

* The baithaks with an asterisk are approximations to their exact location as the satellite images have poor resolution. If you know the co-ordinates of other baithaks  and would like to share them with others, please write them down in the comments. 

Btw, Wikimapia is a very good place to plan your journey to any destination as you get the idea of the geographical features of the place, the surrounding area, other places of importance, the distances from the bus/rail stations etc. This can help you to decide how much time it would take, what auto fares to expect, what kind of facilities you might get etc. Thanks to the modern science and technology and many netizens who enthusiastically mark the places of interests on Wikimapia, you don't feel having landed in an unknown territory once you have taken a bird's eye view of your destination.

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