Monday, May 05, 2008

Three Scientific Personalities of Pushtimarg

As you know this blog is about the connection between Pushtimarg and the modern science - two quite orthogonal looking fields of human endeavor. Well, what I am going to write today is about the individuals across the last five centuries who shared an interest in both these fields and exhibited it in their works.

Based on my limited understanding of the vast literature and historical evidences of pushtimarg (many of which are treasured in their respective Piths (seats of powers) and unfortunately aren't made available to even curious vaishnavs much less to the public ! ), if someone were to ask me to pick up 3 personalities that I cherish most in the 500 years history of this path, they would be Vallabhacharya (1479-1531), Purushottamji (1668-1726) and Mulchandra Telivala (1887-1927). Quite coincidentally, they are spaced around 2 centuries apart.

I have already written about Vallabhacharya in the previous posts, so in the future posts, I will give more insights about the other two . Stay tuned !

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