Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Society, Science and Spirituality

Universal Vision :
"The complete cosmic manifestation coexisting blissfully and harmoniously while relishing the divine Rasa"

This is possible if we focus on "Socio-Sciento-Spiritual Advancement" i.e. social responsiveness multiplied by scientific inquisitiveness multiplied by spiritual understanding. Such a unique system of thought and practice was established by our great Acharya Mahaprabhuji Shreemad Vallabhacharyaji (1478-1530 AD). He unified the views of all the Vedic scriptures and gave us the most resplendent of the philosophies called "Shuddhadwait" alongwith the supremely blissful path of life called "Pushtimarg". His universal message to everyone is "Shastram avagatyam, mano-vak-deheih Krushnah sevyah". I offer my humblest obeisances unto his lotus feet !

Chintasantan hantaro yatpadambuj renuvah |
Swiyanam tannijacharyan pranamami muhurmuhuhu ||

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